Saturday, November 2, 2013

Online Paperless Testing for the Clasroom

My tenth grade classroom is pretty much paperless, and it's not because I'm especially tech savvy.

It's because making a ton of copies is both costly and time-consuming. When it comes to tests, it's far easier for me to post questions online, and have students answer in Google docs they share with me.

During these lab sessions, I can drop in on their docs and monitor their progress. I often have an idea of student grades before class is half over.

That brings up the other reason I am paperless: reliable lab access. We're fortunate at my school to have labs available several times a week.

How to go paperless for tests

Google Forms allows for test creation and student use, and there are a lot of other good software choices as well.

The first thing my students do when we hit a lab is open our class website in Chrome, and also open / share a doc.  At that point I can take them through a lesson; we can design and create; or, I can give them a test.

We thus begin a streamlined, interactive process. I teach this way a lot because it's simple, easy and it works.

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