Monday, September 2, 2013

The Tug of Peace

Yesterday a neighborhood a few miles from mine went into a day-long lockdown: A lanky, murderous 21 year-old punk wielding a pocket knife prompted a call from police to residents - "Get indoors, lock up and lay low" was the gist.

This is the new, softer America: A place where boys are shaped and molded into new, softer images of boys from generations past.

A place where playground tug-of-war games are thrown out by well-meaning PTA boards; replaced, instead by tugs of peace.

A place where strong citizens with guns suppress their instincts and wait for other citizens with guns (and uniforms) to save them.

A place where we gladly surrender freedom for security in all aspects of our lives.

It will be interesting to teach my son about the history of freedom, as he grows up in a world mostly devoid of it ... in the heartland where values once had meaning ... nestled inside a nation on a relentless march toward the almighty idea of Progress.

Everything is impermanent, and yes, one day even the mighty America will be but a memory. I know this.

Still, it seems proper to at least try and eulogize freedom - because it was pretty darned special while it lasted.

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