Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of Year File Saving Made Simple

I'm going to a new school next year ... and I am currently working from three computers.   I have files everywhere - I'm not sure what I want and what I don't want.

What a mess!

Not really ... Thanks to the magical world of Google, I just easily captured all of my desktop items from two heavily used computers - all files and folders - with a few clicks.

Like most teachers, I create files on the machine at the front of the class powering the Smart Board - and I also have a computer at my desk.

Goal 1 today was capturing the files at that front computer.

First I made sure I was using Chrome!  I went to Google > Drive > Create a folder ... then named it "Desktop Front Machine" so I know which computer I'm dealing with.

Now I can see this new "Desktop" folder appearing in my Drive files.

Next I clicked on the new file I created - "Desktop" - then clicked Upload > Folder.

Google helped me select the right file ... it defaults to "desktop" as a file uploading choice.

Next, I just clicked "okay."

Google began uploading my entire 400 files ... I walked away and got a cup of coffee.

Now, I don't need to worry about what's on my computers, or even spend time at the end of the year trying to save files and clean up my computers.

I have literally every file saved as part of Google's generous 5 GB storage space, and at my leisure this summer I can sort, delete, save, refile, etc.

Now that's a simple solution to file saving! 

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