Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Teachers Make Great Hires

Our district lost another new teacher to corporate America recently; I didn't know the guy well, but by all accounts he's sharp, put together, and very competent.

I've seen a lot of smart companies specifically recruit teachers: They understand the intensity and complexity that comes with our jobs.

A teacher with a few years' experience has taken it on the chin, several times, and kept on moving forward. That Monday morning staff meeting with the good coffee and the pastries, going over everyone's client account status, doesn't seem very intimidating after wrestling with 30 squirrelly freshmen during fourth period as summer draws near.

Big presentation due? He just gave 180 consecutive big presentations, to an often disinterested and challenged audience. Your product is hard to sell? Try selling history or math to a teenager every day.

Teaching isn't a job, it's a calling - and unfortunately sometimes really good teachers are called away from education because $30,000 and change isn't enough to live on, year after year.

I guess until we start taking education more seriously as a nation, and treating teachers with the respect they earn and deserve, we'll remain a fantastic training ground for corporate USA.

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