Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teachers in the News: Some Perspective

It's fun to make sport of teachers doing outrageous things ... talking heads and blogs come alive with chatter when something silly, stupid or scary happens.

I did a little research, and there were 7.2 million teachers in the U.S. in 2009, according to government data.

I teach for a solid 4.5 hours, minimum, a day. Someone help me with the math, but I think that 7.2 million teachers times 4.5 hours a day = 32,400,000 hours of teaching a day.

Thirty two million hours a day! The question isn't why teacher gaffes occasionally cross the media radar screen, it's how we have so few questionable teacher actions reported.

The answer is what we in the field already know: Most teachers are great at their jobs.

I'm sure if everything I said was uploaded to YouTube, I'd be blushing at times. And so would you.

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