Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

I'm so grateful for all of the great teachers who've been a part of my life ...

For my administrators who give me an hour of time when they literally don't have 5 minutes ... in the midst of their tornado-like days.

For my mentor, who's helped me personally and professionally as I'm adjusting to education.

For the college professor who worked one-on-one with me, as we put together the student newspaper ... he's one of those special educators who gave selflessly, and just might leave this earth never fully realizing his impact.

For my most important teachers: My parents. Thanks for the moral compass you've instilled ... though I may drift, I always know where to return to port.

Teachers do affect eternity, as one of my favorite teachers (and mentor) reminds us in her email signature file ...

... thank you everybody!

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