Friday, May 25, 2012

Merit Pay? We Already Have It

I'm going to keep this simple so everyone ... even the experts on TV ... can understand:

Teachers get small, regular increases in pay.

Except in our state - our salary is frozen - but let's pretend for this example that pay raises are routine.

This year I'm twice the teacher I was last year: I have several hundred more hours of experience under my belt. I'm better in all areas. Content, class management, value to my school, etc.

Next year I'll be far better still. Experience + training + more schooling / mentorship = better.

I'm a good teacher. One day I hope to be great - and the system in place is prepared to compensate me each step of the way on that journey.

I agree - merit pay is a great idea. So unfreeze my salary, and let's get on with this thing!

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