Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fair and Balanced

I love getting political in the classroom. Political philosophy is my favorite area of study, maybe second only to media studies. Combining the two puts me in teacher heaven.

So I thought this Virginia teacher's assignment was very cool: He had his students do "opposition research" on the remaining Republican candidates ... and he even had his students source Obama campaign officials so they could, in theory, forward their findings onto the president's campaign team.

This assignment is awesome for several reasons. As a former PR guy, I recognize these kids are building real-world critical thinking and research skills. In my opinion it's a thoughtful, relevant, and probably fun assignment.

Except the teacher didn't assign any dirt digging on the president; instead, he had the kids focus entirely on the GOP candidates.

If he'd have simply opened up the assignment to researching both sides, he wouldn't be in the national news.

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