Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Classroom Brought to You by Coke!

My school district was the first in our state of North Carolina to sell advertising space on school-owned buses.

Love it! We seem to have tight regs in place, such as a business keeping its message education-related. For example, a lawn care company's ad might mention the "seeds of education," etc.

Desperate times call for smart measures, and as a marketing guy I just love this concept. I started to wonder, "How far is too far?" Could Coke buy space in my classroom - in exchange for technology and supplies?

Discussing it with two peers at lunch, one said, "absolutely." Another said sure, if she could have a say in the brand. Maybe water versus soda. Or a backpack brand?

"Today's lecture on Rome is brought to you by Pizza Hut pizza. Celebrate our collective Roman roots with a slice of pie after class, kids!"

Okay maybe that's a bit far, but still ... cool idea with interesting potential.

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  1. I always love your take on the mundane. Funny thing. Some computer labs are indeed sponsored by local business and have space to show appreciation for the donation. So, an advertisement may be farfetched, but maybe not a plaque might not be.