Friday, December 9, 2011

Audacity: Bringing Lord of the Flies to Life

Lord of the Flies is a book students seem to dread reading, and teachers also complain about teaching (me included). The wording / language in this novel is sometimes as thick and dense as the book's jungle setting.

Using Audacity, the extremely simple audio program, I was able to breathe some life into this book - and actually get a group of seniors excited at 8 a.m. in the morning. Our assignment intro is below, along with a link to the entire lesson ... which culminated in a discussion about careers in marketing.

Students complain a lot about Lord of the Flies being boring. You've just been hired by Bank Marketing and Design to change all that.

A new Lord of the Flies movie is coming out, and you are writing the radio spot. Work alone or in groups - and make a 30 second spot to really pull in potential movie goers.

Time it out - this is tricky and challenging!

Next, go over to the recording studio and create your spot using Audacity.

You aren't done yet ... next get with your art department, and create a compelling movie poster to accompany your radio spot. Advertising works best when many pieces are working together, such as print and radio.

Before we get started, let's look at some tips for great radio commercials.

Remember we'll want to focus on sounds! adjectives! emotion!! Your voice is your tool here.

(Entire lesson here)

Student Work Examples:

note: MediaFire was used to host these files ... it's a free file hosting service. Audacity files cannot be opened by anything except Audacity (I discovered).

So, I exported them as MP3 files. These should open in Windows Media Player or your default media player. Just click "download" and click the file that downloaded in the corner of your screen.

This is a free service, and annoyingly - to share them publicly - MediaFire sometimes puts a commercial on top of the audio track. Just let it play and rewind. (You get what you pay for).

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