Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

I was asked to reflect on what makes my days at school exceptional and energized, versus those days when we come home feeling tired and defeated.

To answer my fellow Pinnacle team members, it's really a simple formula. I begin the day with an attitude of appreciation, realizing how lucky I am to be in a position to change lives and make a difference.

I spend quiet time in the morning, in reflection and a state of calm, gathering strength for the day. Listening to one of my favorite songs, thinking, reflecting, praying, I seek that special peace that transcends all worldly things.

Then I teach as if no one is watching: No peers, no administration - just me and the students. I know if I've done well not through evaluation tools, but by the simple and ultimate test. I can stare at the man in the glass, and he lets me know.

Teaching is a gift, and realizing this seems to help unlock my own gifts. This is all easier said than done, but it's what I'm committed to do ... no matter how often I fall short of this goal. With failing comes humility and the chance to grow, but that's another post entirely.

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