Sunday, October 2, 2011

Legacy of the Friends Generation

For years I've had this theory: My generation is the "Friends" generation - sharing values with the popular sitcom where no one grew up until they passed the age of 30.

I have seen this manifest all around me ... for example a good friend of mine gave a public speech before a large crowd. He referred to himself as "a young man not ready to settle down," despite being 28. His statement was met with nods all throughout the crowd.

Several of us, of course, matured and settled down quickly ... but many of us have not (and still remain adrift). During a time of surplus and support from all angles (family, government, societal sentiment) we created a generation of kids willing to push off responsibility indefinitely.

The question is: How will this impact the generation of kids coming up now? It's amazing to look at a speech by Kennedy, telling America to sacrifice and give to government.

Now contrast that with virtually any speech given by any politician. Very few call for sacrifice; rather, most politicians seem in a contest to see who can promise the most "stuff" to us in one form or another.

Here's to hoping our kids look back at Friends as what it is: A silly show reflecting skewed values of a society that straightened itself back out.

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