Saturday, September 10, 2011

High school in one year!

From a recent news article in a tech magazine:

"You read that headline correctly. Nolan Bushnell, who you may know as Atari's founder says he's been working on a project called "Speed to Learn" — a cloud computing game that he believes can be implemented to give students a complete high school education in under one year."

One positive I see here - cloud computing would indeed bring computer networks to a new level of efficiency. But other than that, it may be one of the worst ideas I've heard. I could probably write a book on why this is a horrible idea. One reason - exposure to dozens of gifted, dedicated teachers would be missed ...

Rather than rant, I'll just let the editors of this magazine sum up the idea:

"We're all for accelerated learning, but he's forgetting something else too, and that is, high school isn't just about learning as much information as possible. It's also about the experience, memories and friends that you pick up along the way. That's something that can't be sped up."