Thursday, July 21, 2011

Your child's mind on Google

Recently a member of the professional talking class blogged about the downfall of our educational system, and she blamed Google and other technologies for contributing to our collective demise.

Her thesis is "we are a nation losing the ability to think," in part because we are outsourcing our memories and minds to Google, etc.

It was a bit ironic that she spread this blog post simultaneously on her Facebook page and Twitter account. I also wonder how many times she used Google to google data for her post.

But to the more important point, she's wrong.

I am teaching History for the first time this year, and just talked in-depth with the guy who taught the course last year. The level of critical thinking his 9th graders were engaging in was extremely impressive - awesome, actually. He's great with tech in the classroom: Actually our entire district is, and leading the charge is a group of tech facilitators greatly enhancing our learning community.

And about Google - it's called progress and it can't be undone. It is - we have to adapt and deal. I love Google - I use it dozens of times a week; heck, I've used it a few times just to write this short post.

Yes a lot is broken in our system. No, it's not Google's fault. A far too simplistic answer to a very real, complex problem.

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