Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I'm rejoining Twitter

Who is Twitter good for?

In my opinion, anyone engaged in a specialized community (such as education) can benefit enormously from Twitter.

The average Joe with a Facebook account will probably find the experience redundant; however, people seeking specialized information related to specialized fields can strike gold with Twitter.

To get started, find some education bloggers you like, and follow them. It's really that easy.

Then it becomes like connect the dots ... you will notice other interesting education thought leaders, and soon, you'll enjoy a strong stream of engaging tweets every time you log on.

As for getting your own followers ...

This is a social network, so be social! Comment on other tweets, and provide thoughtful, relevant, engaging tweets of your own. Soon you'll develop your own network of followers.

Why I'm back

As an online PR guy a few years ago, it was my job to stay abreast of the very latest trends in Internet marketing and social media. When I left for education, this entire 2.0 world lost a great deal of relevance. I had no need to be hyper-connected to the latest 2.0 trends as I hit the books for 2.5 years.

Now, immersed again in technology - but this time through the education prism - it makes good sense to once again engage with thought leaders in my field. 

And that's Twitter 101 in a nutshell. Happy tweeting!

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