Monday, January 17, 2011

Ugly fonts, messy handwriting = more learning?

Our school's tech guy (not his official title) loves the Smartboard feature that converts handwriting to a digital font. He reminds us repeatedly that kids hate reading our messy handwriting.

Well here's an article citing a study which claims simple, easy to read fonts actually inhibit learning.

The article states that e-readers like Kindle use such a casual font, that the brain absorbs the information too passively ... and so the info is often forgotten rather than absorbed.

But on the other hand, standout fonts and hard-to-read handwriting make the brain work to understand the information, and this extra effort facilitates learning.

Ha. I bet my second grade teacher who gave me all the Fs in handwriting feels silly now!

UPDATE: our school tech guy sent this link to the Scientific American, which basically states the opposite: Easy, clear, simple instructions (including clear fonts & handwriting), serve to enhance both motivation and success.

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  1. Ha. One little study from some obscure university. I would stick with the advice from your tech guy, he sounds very wise.