Sunday, December 5, 2010

iPads for Toddlers - and fallout for teachers

There's a fascinating article in the Charlotte Observer today - well it's fascinating to me anyway, as a close follower of technology and its impact on education.

Not only are parents - lots of parents - buying these $500 dollar interactive micro computers for their small children this year ... but the touch-sensitive computers are already changing the way our kids interact with technology.

Two quotes that struck me from the article:

"Technology for kids in this generation is like air, it has always been there," ... and

"Of course, the funny part is when they walk up to a regular computer, TV or car GPS and slide their fingers around on it expecting it to respond."

So not only do kids expect technology to be central to their lives - but the "old" technology like "regular" computers is already becoming lame and boring.

Something to think about as we stand at the copier, printing off those grayish brown worksheets en masse.

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  1. I personally love technology. But I don't think babies or small children should be using advanced technology. To think about it is somewhat odd. I could understand when they get about the age of 5 to play with a game system such as a dsi, but other than that let the kids be with their toys.