Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to watch YouTube at school

First, why YouTube? Well, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 Billion (with a B) for a reason other than a catchy name ... YouTube has incredible content. TeacherTube is great; however, YouTube is the undisputed king.

How To ...

First, use Firefox, not Explorer, to browse the Net.

Second, google "video download helper" and install that add-on to Firefox. Now, whenever you land on a page with videos, you can instantly and easily download the video to your home computer desktop. Click on the revolving circles (see below), and then click "download."

Then, just drag that video file onto a flash drive, and pull it onto your work desktop. Clicking on the file should open it automatically in any media player you have installed.

That's it! I make things more complicated by then embedding these videos into my classroom website. That's another can of worms, for another day.

I'm enjoying kicking off or enhancing many of my lessons with short, relevant, catchy videos - and I'm sure you and your students will as well.

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