Friday, October 8, 2010

The changing meaning of words

We read words ...

... Our kids click them.

I'm amazed when I project an assignment on the board, then step back and stay silent.

The students stare at the screen, many of them with blank looks on their faces. Finally someone will say, "So what do we do?" At that point, I remind them that words have meaning ... they must be absorbed, and mentally chewed over.

This might be a hint we've been spoon-feeding students directions, keeping them in a tight instructional box at the expense of critical thinking skills.

But I'm pretty sure it's deeper than that: The very definition of a word is becoming altered - from something read to gain understanding, to something clicked - in pursuit of more items to click / interact with.

I'm not judging this impact technology has had on our kids - it simply is. So I see my job as meeting these kids where they are at - by constantly jumping into their interactive world with them. It's fun, it keeps me on my toes, and it keeps me connected to the students.

Gotta go - I have to update Facebook before I tweet this blog post and then get on YouTube!

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