Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hey, I'll just wing it! And other bad ideas ...

Every day I do something I wish I didn't do. These are small things, but they drive me crazy.

What's worse, as we wrap up the third week of school, is I seem to have a sick inner need to fall on my face in order to learn a lesson. I need to experience the pain of the tumble in order to avoid doing it again.

Case in point: We went to the computer lab for an SAT Prep course. Being a bit tech savvy I figured we'd all create accounts for an online course together, and I'd figure out what we'd all do next on the fly. I also didn't stop to think about rules in advance ... listening to music, visiting other sites, food in the lab, etc.

Veteran teachers are smiling at how naive this sounds, I'm sure. In the end nothing went horribly wrong - we did all jump into a lesson and had a productive class. But I was annoyed at the kids for visiting other sites, and having their little games minimized all sneaky-ish when I walk by. So ultimately I reacted to a situation ... versus planning for it and controlling it from the outset.

Classroom management seems part art, part science. I'm off to see how I'll color outside the lines today, or spill paint, or burn myself mixing chemicals in that lab we call a classroom!

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