Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Combatting teacher tech overload ...

So my school is getting smart boards - by that I mean we all are getting them. (I already have one in my room).

Today I took a course on Prezi; last week I took a course on Castle Learning, and in between that I set up a blogging account for all of my students. This is all in addition to the classroom blog / website I use every day as my road map / lesson plans.

I can only imagine how overwhelmed my peers feel ... I stare at the smart board and all the features, and can feel a bit shell-shocked.

My advice to other teachers (and to myself) is to take it slowly. Learn a trick or tip, and incorporate it. Just one new trick a week will equal a powerful smart board user by the year's end.

My other thought is these tools only supplement solid instruction; they can't replace it, or fix weak lessons.

I'm sure the veteran teachers in my school will be fine, if they approach this technology with an open mind and easy going attitude. And I'll certainly continue to lean on them for help with teaching fundamentals.

I look forward to us all learning together.

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