Thursday, June 10, 2010

The zeitgeist of Charlotte

There's a really neat feature on Google allowing you to peek into the collective mind of regions and cities: Google's Zeitgeist shows the top ten unique search results for several worldwide locations. So what's Charlotte searching for?

Charlotte, NC

  1. parent assistant cms
  2. charlotte restaurant week
  3. mez charlotte
  4. epicenter charlotte
  5. cms schools
  6. cms intranet
  7. mecklenburg county sheriff
  8. ymca charlotte
  10. birkdale movies
Sure, with a massive public school system like CMS, it makes sense that the top searches reflect an interest in education. Still, it's clear when taking the search engine pulse of this city, that Charlotte is an education driven, child-centered community.

As a new educator who's also new to the area, this is a very exciting and encouraging prospect indeed.

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