Thursday, February 25, 2010

A shocking experience

Yesterday I had a bit of an off day during my student-teaching experience. While trying to cram the metal prongs from a CD player's cord into a floor socket, I suddenly found shocked myself with several volts of unwelcome electricity. Not sure how many volts, but I am confident using the technical term "a lot."

It was such an odd sensation and so unexpected, that the jolt really threw me from my game plan. I collected myself and carried on ... then later in the day I found myself reading a fantastic music review/opinion I'd assigned as part of a media lesson.

"This is beautiful writing," I thought, "Here's a girl who is passionate about music, and her work is really, finally taking off now that she can express that passion."

... And I read on, and re-read, and then thought some more. I knew in my heart there was no way these words (which I wished I had written) came from her mind through her fingertips.

I dropped a few words from her paper into Google and quickly located her source, which she had used verbatim. We had an awkward but necessary talk about plagiarism, an issue about which I am ultra-sensitive having been twice wrongly accused by teachers in grade school. (Don't get me started).

In all, it was a strange day filled with small setbacks, where I learned to hold it together despite feeling everything was going wrong.

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