Monday, February 15, 2010

Managing class size

A recent Wall Street Journal article notes that "Fiscal Woes Push Up Class Size."

The article quotes a parent who claims we teachers are more often than not in the business of managing kids, not teaching them.

Hmm. My personal experience teaching diverse classes, and all grade levels, across the high school English spectrum is that yes - smaller class sizes are more manageable. But that's just common sense; kind of like my senior Lit class is easier to manage than my Freshman Language Arts class.

A good teacher doesn't sit back and complain about class size; rather, he or she faces reality and adapts. To parents concerned about managers versus educators, I'd suggest that's a false choice. The good teachers I'm fortunate to be training under effectively teach and manage their kids every single day.

Here's a lesson I taught yesterday, that kept my Freshman class of 30 kids busy, bell to bell.

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