Thursday, February 4, 2010

Business experience: A launchpad for success

Recently I was chatting with fellow clinical-stage education students, as we reflected on our classroom successes and challenges thus far. As I've done so many times throughout this education licensure process, I again gave thanks for my career in business.

The time I've spent as a recruiter, journalist and public relations professional has given me both general and specific tools for success: I've sharpened specific skills such as using technology for effective communication, and gained a better grip on the written word.

Generally speaking, I've honed many abilities central to success in both business and teaching:
Meeting deadlines, planning, communication, team building, leadership, and presence are all gifts from my time spent in corporate America.

I plan to put these skills to good use in education, as I remain committed to studying my new craft and calling with all of the energy I can generate.

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