Thursday, January 14, 2010

Certification: 7 - 12 all LA subjects

My certification positions me as a highly qualified teacher for grades 7 - 12. I am certified to teach all subjects under the Language Arts umbrella, including all communications arts.

Subjects and areas in which I'm qualified to teach (through professional experience and licensure) include:

  • communications
  • English - all subjects
  • yearbook
  • debate
  • student newspaper
  • public relations
  • drama
  • journalism
  • marketing
I've also taken a semester-long tutoring course at Walsh, and was asked by faculty to come back and reinforce that learning with a second course focusing on teaching all forms of writing to adult learners. I was then formally employed with Walsh as a writing tutor. Over the years I've helped hundreds of individuals - students and colleagues - refine their writing.

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