Thursday, January 28, 2010

classroom management plan

I'm finding out firsthand the importance of classroom management, during my student teaching experience at Medina High School. A sample classroom management plan I am using and plan to adopt on my first day of school can be found here.

First day of school script

I was fortunate to start off the semester assuming full responsibility for Senior Literature at Medina High School. I understand, from experience, the importance of that first class. I found this script that underlines the importance of setting tone and procedure from the outset.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

online student newspaper

The Medina High School newspaper is transitioning from a print to digital publication, during my student teaching process.

This is proving to be a great experience, as I get to help participate in this process and bring my background in both print and digital media/journalism to the table.

Update 2.2.10 - we went live today!

Good to Great

The business world was abuzz recently, as managers passed around the book Good to Great. In fact, the House One assistant principal here at Medina informed me our superintendent has actually made this book required reading for several department heads and district principals.

I don't think education necessarily fits a business model; however I am hopeful my own business and management experience make me a more flexible, well-rounded educator.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Certification: 7 - 12 all LA subjects

My certification positions me as a highly qualified teacher for grades 7 - 12. I am certified to teach all subjects under the Language Arts umbrella, including all communications arts.

Subjects and areas in which I'm qualified to teach (through professional experience and licensure) include:

  • communications
  • English - all subjects
  • yearbook
  • debate
  • student newspaper
  • public relations
  • drama
  • journalism
  • marketing
I've also taken a semester-long tutoring course at Walsh, and was asked by faculty to come back and reinforce that learning with a second course focusing on teaching all forms of writing to adult learners. I was then formally employed with Walsh as a writing tutor. Over the years I've helped hundreds of individuals - students and colleagues - refine their writing.