Monday, November 9, 2009

social media in action - Facebook

There is a fascinating Language Arts teacher at Canton City Schools, Manuel Halkias, who has a deep rapport with his students. While these kids certainly won't "friend" their parents or most teachers on Facebook, they do trust Mr. Halkias on this popular social network.

Mr. Halkias actually monitors the students' Facebook status updates for use of his vocabulary words in their online postings! And guess what? The students do indeed use their vocabulary words in their status updates - putting their knowledge to practical use.

Students today are actually writing more than ever before; it's just that some of these mediums (texting, blogs, Facebook/Myspace) are frowned upon by academia. Mr. Halkias is realizing he can harnass the enthusiasm of his students, as well as capitalize on the popularity of social media.

Mr. Halkias also monitors his students' pages for signs of trouble or academic/social disturbances. If he thinks a student of his is in trouble, he pursues the appropriate channels - parents, counselors, etc. - much to the students' ultimate appreciation. They accept him as a friend knowing they trust him, and he is there to help.

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