Monday, November 9, 2009

Annotation - a teaching strategy boosting test scores

What do you get when you take a large urban school district, add one dedicated teacher, and then supply them with the annotation teaching strategy for reading comprehension?

A radical boost in test scores, student performance and college preparation across the curriculum spectrum.

Mr. Halkias focuses on two works of fiction during each semester - and his students tackle them in-depth, and from every angle. Using annotation as a teaching strategy, his students take their understanding of literary devices and concepts to an entirely different level.

These are the skills demanded by standardized tests - and sought after by colleges and universities. The annotation strategy combined with a reading reduction strategy equals transferable, practical literary knowledge and extremely well-prepared students!

some suggested annotations:

sym = symbol
pat = pattern
ch = character
is = important scene
set = setting
voc = vocabulary
pov = point of view

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