Saturday, October 24, 2009

Degree and education

I will be certified to teach AYA Language Arts - all courses - for grades 7 - 12 as of April, 2010.

In addition to this licensure, I have a BA from Walsh University, with majors in History and Communications, and a minor in philosophy.


I'm available to join your school district the first of May, 2010.

I'm also very flexible in terms of in-person interviews, and can travel to North Carolina at your convenience, and my expense.

Thanks! Vince Bank

330 321 2002

June 2010 update:

I live in Charlotte currently!

Also, I want to share that while I don't have experience coaching athletics, I am an experienced personal sports performance trainer. With 20 years of martial arts under my belt, I have been studying weight training as related to athletics - and currently do some freelancing as a personal trainer.

My practical experience in the weight room working clients (and myself) for speed and strength could be an asset to a high school level sports program.

I'm well-versed in all aspects of training including sports nutrition. Thanks!